April 25, 2018


Are you closer to the Lord today than you were a year ago? That question, spoken in a New Year's Day sermon, changed the trajectory of my Christian Life. Asking yourself good, thoughtful questions can challenge and encourage you to grow spiritually. These are a few questions I've found helpful over the years. 

  1. How am I growing in my enjoyment of God? 

  2. How do I listen to God in prayer, not just speak to him?

  3. How do I train myself to see the Christian life as a marathon and not a sprint?  

  4. How do I cultivate a vision of what Christian maturity looks like in my life context? 

  5. How often, and where in my life am I experiencing the sting of the Holy Spirit's conviction? 

  6. How am I pouring out to others what God is pouring into me? 

  7. When was the last time another humble brother or sister challenged or corrected me in a Godly manner?

  8. Do I have a reasonable plan for becoming more christ-like this week?

  9. How am I serving my church and local community with the gifts and talents God has given me?

  10. How can I be faithful to the Great Commission within the framework of my current life situation? 

An old Chinese proverb says if you ask a question you're only a fool for five minutes, if you don't ask a question you're a fool forever. Spend a few minutes reflecting on some of these questions. You might want to journal on them or discuss them with a friend.


May the Lord give us the grace to grow as we answer these questions.


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