• Dr. Josh Scally

A Mother's Day Prayer

Updated: May 13, 2021

I wrote out my prayer from Mother's Day. May God use the Scripture in it:

God, thank You for

  • Creating male and female in Your image

  • Joining them together in marriage meant to display Jesus' saving love for His bride, the Church

  • Granting children in Your sovereign will as an inheritance from the Lord

  • Creating motherhood-commanding us to honor our mothers and reminding us that a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised!

  • Ordaining all things from eternity past--experienced by us in daily providence--both what we immediately delight in and that which is difficult-

  • BUT both, we can trust trust are ultimately for Your glory and our good as those called, justified, and glorified through faith in Jesus

Thank You, God, for:

  • Ordaining singleness for a good and wise purpose for the sake of the Gospel

  • Being a father to the fatherless, a lover of widows and orphans,

And a God who knows the life--even the most private heart concerns--of individuals:

You are a God who loves and cares for:

  • the overlooked--like Leah,

  • the rejected, like Hagar,

  • the barren, like Hannah,

  • the used, like Bathsheba,

  • the renowned for immorality, like Rahab,

  • the hopeless, like Sarah,

  • the outspoken like Martha,

  • the hurting, like her sister, Mary,

  • those facing death, like Esther,

  • and those who have experienced unspeakable loss, like Mary

  • seeing her son Jesus brutally tortured and crucified:

  • and each and every name You know with a greater intimacy than we can actually fathom.

Thank you for Your infinite goodness, God!

Thank You, God, for:

  • Making no mistakes--doing all things well--

  • yet having compassion on us in our weakness, knowing our frailty, we are dust, seeing when we are helpless, and willing to bear our burdens.

Thank you for my wife ("what is good/treasure...favor from the LORD" Prov. 18:22). Thank You for my mother and mother-in-law (who like Timothy's mother and grandmother) told us how the Holy Scriptures could make us wise unto salvation in Jesus Christ!

Thank You that all our sin and all of sin's curse--all things that are not what they should be--have been defeated by Jesus Christ and that the hope of the good news can comfort now and gloriously renew in the final day all who turn from their self-serving life and come to rest by FAITH in Jesus Christ alone!

Thank You for Your infinitely great faithfulness that never falters, varies, or turns, God!

Put our hearts and our hopes where they alone can be satisfied by lifting our eyes up to You today!

We love You Father God,

In Christ


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