• Steve Tillis

Why You Don’t Go To Church

I’m sure some will find my words to be too direct or harsh but I assure that’s not my intent. Others may say I’m being legalistic or condemning, but at the risk of these misrepresentations I want to share truth with you that you probably won’t hear from many who are closest to you.

If you’re not regularly involved in a local church it might be due to one or more of the following reasons.

  1. It might be that you are not actually a Christian. People who love Jesus love brothers and sisters in Christ. They do not neglect to gather regularly with them and worship. You cannot love Jesus and not love the local church.

  2. It might be that you are satisfied with being saved from hell but not conformed to Christ. If you really try to practice your Christianity you will soon find out that you need the local church. We learn from each other. We are challenged and encouraged by each other. We read the Word together and we pray for one another.

  3. It might be that you have issues with submitting to the Lord and leadership. God has designed believers to live under Christ and with the direction of his appointed leaders. If you don’t regularly go to church how are they supposed to guide you and reprove you when necessary and lead you toward maturity in Christ?

  4. It might be that you have a consumer mentality instead of a sacrificial mentality. If you don’t go to church you don’t learn to serve others, give your money to the work of the Lord or invest your time in the lives of others. You don’t learn to hear the burdens of others. You may find yourself only going when it meets your perceived needs.

  5. It might be that the priorities of your life are not the priorities of God's kingdom. God desires for the unbelieving world to know Christ and worship him. If you never share the gospel with someone with the intent of getting them connected to a good church, are you really involved in God's mission? If you don’t go to church you will not invite lost, hurt, and broken people to find help through the local church.

My intent is not to be harsh, but to be honest. My hope is twofold: First, that those who read this and are not faithfully involved in a local church will turn to Christ, who is merciful and forgiving, and commit to being a dependable member of their church. Second, I hope faithful members will pray, and in humility speak with their friends who are not faithful to church. Good friends don’t look the other way, they do what is right and good for others, even if it is not easy.

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