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Remember and Return

Last Sunday I spoke on how we should celebrate 68 years as a church. We should remember the Lord, return to him, and rejoice in his redeeming glory. Here are a couple of thoughts that came out of my time of meditation on the first two points.

  1. When we forget God, we make ourselves the center of attention. If you don’t pay attention to God, you will naturally focus on yourself. If you follow a compass that is off even by a single degree you will eventually find yourself far from your destination. Set your compass by true north, that is God, and you will walk right into him. I practice holding God before my mind when I’m by myself and this helps me to consider him and speak to him during the day. When my mind chases a rabbit trail I just gently bring it back to rest on him. Over time, this discipline has allowed me to have communion with the Lord even during a busy life.

  2. Remembering God is like plugging in the power cord. It’s our contact point with the supernatural power of God. Ask yourself if you are operating in kingdom power, God’s power in your daily activities. Are you parenting, working, resting, learning or doing any other routine activity with God or by yourself? I like to invite God into my activities and interactions during the week. Now we know that he is already there, but the practice reminds me that I’m not alone. When I invite him into a situation I learn to lean on his supernatural power instead of my own natural power.

  3. Sometimes when I meditate on a passage I enjoy putting my thoughts down in poetry. I’m no poet, so please don’t judge me too harshly. I encourage you to use your creative side to work through a biblical theme in your own life. Even if you’re like me and not that creative: write it, paint it, act it. You will find that the Spirit will help you remember the truth of the text you are studying. Here goes:


Trembling there in fear and shame

Inwardly struggling with won’t, can’t, I must go back;

Seeking to be king, I wound up without a name

Returning to my father, he never turned his back;

Perplexed by such rejoicing, I live forever in this day

The penalty for my transgression was laid upon his back;

In gratitude, I have resolved to never leave The Way

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