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Help Your Pastor Preach this Sunday!

Pastor, sometimes your people want to help you preach, but they don’t know how. They feel like their only job is to sit in the pew and listen. Certainly, listening to the sermon is very important, but if you let them know how they can help you preach, they will respond. I’ve asked our congregation to help me preach by participating in these activities during the week and during the service. I hope and pray that this is helpful to your own congregation:

  1. Read the text your pastor’s preaching from numerous times this week before you get to the service.

  2. Pray multiple times this week that the Lord would prepare your heart to receive His Word and that unbelievers would come to faith in Christ Jesus.

  3. Fast through breakfast Sunday morning if you are physically able. When you feel hungry pray for yourself and others to hunger and thirst for righteousness.

  4. Sing in the service as if Jesus were standing right beside you, because he is.

  5. Be present in service both physically and spiritually. Focus as hard as you possibly can on worshiping the Lord with your whole person.

  6. Decide now that you will not walk away from the service unchanged by the Word and Spirit.

  7. Commit to reflecting on and applying the sermon to your life this next week.

  8. Bring a visitor with you to church so they can hear the good news and be transformed into the image of Christ Jesus.

Pastor, when your people have concrete ways to help you preach, they will be more vested in what you say. Never underestimate the power of an engaged congregation. The Spirit will work through you and the congregation to accomplish his kingdom work. These activities not only help you preach but they help your people grow in their Christian life. Please let me know in the comments section below how the Lord uses your people to help you preach.

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