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Idol Thoughts

Here are 7 thoughtful quotes on idols by various authors. These quotes didn’t make it into the sermon this past Sunday, but they are worth your time. I don’t endorse everything written by any of these authors but I do find these particular insights helpful. You might want to meditate on one per day, and allow the Lord to show you your idols. Remember friends, the solution to our idol problems is to be satisfied in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. But there are many kinds of idols, and the most dangerous ones are not those we fashion with our hands, but those we unconsciously carry with us in our heads. —Andre Louf

  2. Whenever we wanted comfort, confidence, consolation, or celebration, we turned to a substitute for God. Substitutes for God are actually idols. —Victor Mihailoff

  3. Man’s nature is a perpetual factory of idols. —John Calvin

  4. The Scriptures consistently expose people as both thirsty and foolish. We long for the satisfaction we were built to enjoy, but we all move away from God to find it. —Larry Crabb

  5. Our soul-thirst is powerful, and it makes all of us idolaters. The Bible sees idolatry as a universal problem. Communities have a unique way of embodying a corporate pride that blinds us to forms of idolatry. Also, the church can challenge idolatrous practices like racism in ways an isolated Christian seldom will. —James Wilhoit

  6. Why do I lie? At the level of my soul, it is because I think that something other than God is a quicker way to the happiness I crave. —James Wilhoit

  7. Grace is God’s free gift, with repentance the way to access it. —Philip Yancey

I'll leave you with one final quote, the author of which I completely endorse, along with everything he ever wrote, without reservation.

“Little children, guard yourselves from idols.” —John, the Apostle

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