I have a dream for Emmanuel Baptist Church. My dream is to see our church bring glory to God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and reflecting His kingdom in our everyday lives.  This vision is forged and framed not from the recesses of my own mind, but from God’s Word.  It embodies the Great Commission; it is woven into the fabric of the greatest sermon ever preached, the Sermon on the Mount. It is the fuel for the missionary journeys in Acts and the impetus behind every New Testament epistle.

As EBC embraces this vision we will look like a growing church with a healthy family dynamic.  Believers will love God with all their hearts and learn from Jesus how to live their lives.  Our children will learn the Bible, bring their friends to church, and thrive in the community of the gospel. Youth will stand strong in a culture void of God as they evolve into the next leaders of our church. Families, singles, and college students will be Christ-centered, not self-centered, and active in missions, evangelism, and discipleship.  The older community of EBC will stand in stark contrast to those of the churches around us because we will embrace biblical, Christ-centered change with the joy of God and will mentor younger believers while still remaining active in ministry. 

Look into the future with your spiritual eyes and see worship services where the music, giving, praying, and preaching are teeming with anticipation and power. Sinners are encountering the true reality where God is worshiped as the king of the universe. This is the kind of dream that years from now will cause the people of this church to bow low in silent worship and to acknowledge that God, and God alone, has built this church.

This is not a pipe-dream; it is a God-sized dream.  If we are going to see this vision realized it must become your dream.  It cannot be just your pastor’s dream, or your staff’s dream, but it must be your dream.  Let it consume you until you can’t help but bring every lost person you know to church to hear the life-changing truth of Jesus. Change your life’s calendar to revolve around your church’s calendar. My friends, today is the day that you embrace with all your heart the purpose of your life, to bring God glory by proclaiming the gospel and reflecting the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Your Fellow Laborer,

Pastor Steve Tillis


Sunday School: 9:30am

Worship Service: 10:45am

Youth Group: 4:30pm

Children's Choir: 4:30pm



Wednesday Night Dinner: 5:15pm

Prayer Meeting/Bible Study: 6:30pm

Youth and Children's Discipleship: 6:30pm

Choir Rehearsal: 7:30pm

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