Family Worship Day

The 4th Sunday of each month is Family Worship Day at Emmanuel! After the last congregational song, the kids will come up front for a children's sermon and then be dismissed to sit with their families for the rest of the service. There will be no children's church on these days. Our nurseries will operate as they normally do.


Why Family Worship Day?

We live in a time when families are busier and spend more time apart than ever. Daycare, school, work, after-school activities, and the like keep us apart. Sadly, church is often no different. In the typical evangelical church, when the family walks through the doors, dad, mom, the teens, and the little ones split into different directions, each going to their own specialized ministry. 


Without disparaging age-specialized ministry such as children's church and youth group, we believe it is important to ensure that our children are learning how to worship, pray, give, and listen to the preached word from their parents and other members of their church family. Family Worship Day at Emmanuel is an effort to that end. 


While acknowledging the benefits of some age-specialized ministry, we champion parents as the primary disciple makers in the lives of their children. As such, parents, along with rest of the corporately gathered church body, are invited and challenged to be examples to our children of God-honoring worship through song, giving, prayer, and sermon engagement on Sunday morning.


Challenges to Family Worship Day

For young children not accustomed to sitting through an extended service, Family Worship Day can initially be a challenge. Be encouraged that there are resources available to help you keep your child engaged in the service, particularly during the sermon time. 


Here are some links with tips and ideas to help you and your family worship together without pulling your hair out!



I believe that Family Worship Day will become an exciting day each month that kids and parents alike look forward to!