adult bible study


9:30 am every Sunday

Children: Birth-5 Years


Class: Preschool A
Ages: Birth - 2 Years
Teacher(s):  Rachel Smith & Krista Thornton
Location: Nursery/Childcare Area 


Class: Preschool B
Ages: 2-3 Years
Teacher(s): Mary Catherine & Teresa Mason

Location: Nursery/Childcare Area

Children: Grades K-5

Class: Children I
Ages: Grades K - 2
Teacher(s):  Kim Strum
Location: Room 101

Class: Children II
Ages: Grades 3 - 5
Teacher(s):  Spencer Grinnell
Location: Room 102 

Youth: Grades 6-12


Class: Middle School & High School Boys
Ages: Grades 6-12
Teacher(s): Mark Wayne
Location: Youth Area (lower level)


Class: Middle & High School Girls
Ages: Grades 6-12
Teacher(s): Kayelyn Rochester

                    & Britany Sellers
Location: Youth Area (lower level)

Adults: Men & Women


Class: College
Ages: 18–24
Teacher(s): Rotating Schedule
Location: Conference Room


Class: Young Married Couples
Ages: 25-40
Teacher(s): David Lee
Location: Room 210


Class: Coed II 
Ages: 45-65
Teacher(s): Bill Bailey
Location: Room 208


Class: Coed III 
Ages: 50-75
Teacher(s): Laura Ensley
Location: Room 206

Young Professionals

Ages: 25-40

Meet for lunch after morning service

Adults: Men


Class: Men Under Development
Ages: 25+
Teacher(s): Michael Faust
Location: Room 203


Class: Ready/Stevens
Ages: 70-80
Teacher(s): Richard Warren
Location: Room 204


Adults: Women


Class: Women of the Word
Ages: 30-60
Teacher(s): Martha Perry
Location: Room 201


Class: Faith
Ages: 55-80
Teacher(s): Wanda Harris
Location: Room 205


Class: New Beginnings
Ages: 65-80
Teacher(s): Dana Dixon, Jim Chambers
Location: Room 202


Class: Hope/Willing Workers
Ages: 75-80
Teacher(s): Mary Gibbs 
Location: Room 209